Pretty as a Peacock -- Huntsville, AL family photographer

Meet Caroline.

But to me, she is Carrie.  She will always be Carrie.  I find myself slipping up and calling her Carrie on occasion (actually I always do it in my head, even if it doesn't come out of my mouth), despite my best efforts at respecting the beautiful, accomplished, brilliant woman she has become:  wife, mother, pediatric RN.  Carrie she is, and Carrie she will always be.


Because this:

That's right.  I've known Carr -- erm... Caroline for years and years and years and years.  At one point in our lives we were inseparable, wild imaginations flying about in darkened woods, My Little Ponies, cartoons, sleepovers and giggles.  We even sported the same haircut so identically that her dad once confused me for her.  Truth.

We don't look so much alike anymore.  I keep my hair very short these days and she lets hers grow out.  And I'm a bit taller.  But I like to think we could still pass as sisters.  Once a Brownie, always a Brownie.  Once a friend, always a friend.  Yup.  Sisters.

I was so fortunate recently to travel to Longshadow, her parent's home in Tennessee (designed by Carrie's brother, architect and UT professor, James Rose) to photograph Caroline with her family:  an adoring husband (and by the way, she and I both married guys named Chris), two of the most beautiful daughters a mother could ever hope to have (It was like seeing little Carrie all over again -- times two!), and energy-filled Labradoodle Archie.  It was such joy to spend the evening with her family.  It was almost like old times.  Minus the brown uniforms.