Seasonal Gifts

It's a wondrous thing to witness the world fade from lush green to burnt orange, the softness of summer fading to Autumn, warmth hardening into crisp coolness.  A miraculous thing really. 

dripping diamonds on a foggy morning

nature's pearls

The world around us bursts forth with tiny gifts:  delicate blossoms stretch forth, grasses give their last seedy offerings, insects unfurl wings or slither into the sun for a final soaking-in of waning warmth.  It's precious, these last days of pre-chill.

It has to be one of the best gifts given to us by our Creator, this design of one last brilliant flash of color before the dead of winter.  I drink it in, this season of waning, a bittersweet reminder that all must come to a restful end before newness can begin again.

"God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars"  ~ attributed to Martin Luther