Moore Family -- Golden Hour Lifestyle Photography, Madison AL

In the photography world, "Golden Hour" is a term used to denote that most magical of moments, about 30 minutes before sunset or after sunrise.  No, it's not, strictly speaking, a full hour, but that's beside the point.  The point is how beautiful and golden it is at this time.  Skin tones are peachy and warm, eyes dance with light, the air around us takes on a hazy, almost other-worldly feel.  It's the most beautiful time of day.

Now add in something even more magical: the bonds of family and lifetime love and deep, lasting commitment -- and do you know what you have?  You have the True Golden Hour.  This is the most wonderful thing.  And when I'm able to capture all of it -- the light, the love, the pure, sparkling joy -- through the lens of my camera, I swear it's like I've died and gone to heaven.  It's lifestyle photography at it's very best, showcasing the most sublime of human bonds.  Pure happiness, I tell you.