Portrait of Motherhood -- Big Spring Park, Hampton Cove, Alabama Photographer

As we near Mother's Day 2014 -- just a week away now -- I find myself pondering on the act of motherhood, this "thing" we collectively celebrate every year, this physical form so many of us take and claim in some way, whether we are the women who birthed little ones only to lose them, or if we are the women who are blessed to love tightly, tangibly, in our years-long journey of words and deeds, kissing scraped fingers, praying over hospital beds, baking birthday cakes, picking wildflowers.  So many of us are mothers -- messy and imperfect, proud and true.  As a tribe of souls whose life purpose is selflessness and growth and nurturing and strength, we are and have always been amazing in small and large ways -- though, really there is nothing small about motherhood.  Is there anything more fierce or more full of wonder than the love of a mother?  Is there anything more beautiful? For all of the mothers out there, those still with us (or not), those made and not-yet-made:  Happy Mother's Day.


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