Huntsville Lifestyle Family Photographer - Campbell Family

I've said it before, and I'll say again:  I have the best clients (my "people", as I prefer to call them because they're really like family).  When someone gives the Lauren Bee website a good looking over, and then contacts me for a family portrait session, we get to know each other really well, fairly quickly -- and sometimes (okay, I admit almost every single time) within just a few sentences or e-mails bounced back and forth, we're laughing and making jokes and being generally hilarious together (because my people are just that awesome, I'm telling you).

Janet is totally one of those clients.  She's my people.  She's quirky and funny and smart -- and upon meeting her for the first time, I realized, also beautiful.  Know what else she is?  An amazing mom.  I'm a big "heart on sleeve" kind of gal, so I won't beat around the bush:  watching Janet with her boys deeply touched me;  we're talking right to the heart and turning on the waterworks just a smidge.  Her sons adore her!  And it's no surprise why.  She's so laid back and so .... cool.

("Cool" is still a hip word, right?  Right?)

Basically, Janet is the mom every kid wants.  I am not even kidding.

Our lifestyle photography session started out at the most perfect "golden hour" time, where the summer trees were all lit up with dappled fire.  I snapped a few shots of Janet, one or two with her boys, a few of her boys being silly together .... but dang it gets hot in July in Alabama.  So we headed on over to Plamore Lanes in Huntsville -- where I was afforded a rare glimpse of a family done right, a la bowling balls and ketchup-drenched fries that are, apparently, the best fries in the world

I couldn't be more thrilled to now count Janet and her fellas as some of Lauren Bee's own.  Welcome to the family, y'all!