Huntsville Alabama Portrait Photographer - Sandy's Sunshine Session

I love Sandy.  She's a true old soul, nurturing and giving, with an aura of golden beauty that follows her wherever she goes.  But she's also a touch sassy;  clever and strong, with a penchant for Fireball whisky.

When Sandy approached me to do a HERstory fine art portrait session for her, I positively leaped with joy.  And when she told me during her session -- located in a gorgeous, sun-saturated Madison county field, replete with cool pond and tall, mature trees -- that she envisioned herself as a bit of a dragon, but "didn't think anyone could pull that off," I thought to myself --

Challenge accepted!

I thoroughly enjoyed photographing Sandy in her natural habitat:  all golden sunshine with deep, mysterious shadows.  She's a remarkably beautiful woman, and I am blessed to know her.