More Than Country Music -- Huntsville, AL Photographer in Nashville, TN

When most people think of Nashville, Tennessee, they think "country music capital".  And it is that.  But it's much more.  Besides being the town I call home (yes it's a "town" and yes, despite my living in Huntsville, Alabama, Nashville will always be "home" to me -- thank goodness it's only two hours away!), Nashville is the place you want to go for not just music (and oh my goodness, great music is literally on every street corner -- really), it's also where you've got to get to if you want good food, great family entertainment, a fabulous weekend nightlife, and friendly faces.  Heck, it was even dubbed 'Most American city" by AOL!  So if you've never been, you have got to go.  Get thyself there, pronto. Not convinced?  Maybe some visual aids will help.

First, let's talk shopping.  Nashville has all of the basics -- malls and shopping centers, and so on -- but it's also got a kickin' thrifting and vintage vibe going on.  Fantastic finds are ripe for the buying, everything from kitschy decor and vinyl records to funky clothes and furnishings -- even old cameras (which, of course, makes my heart swoon).  My most recent favorite place to prowl around is Pre to Post Modern at 2110 8th Avenue South.  I bought a cool green skirt there a few months ago and it's now a wardrobe staple.  When you go, plan on at least an hour to poke around.  It's a treasure trove of goodness!

Pre to Post Modern

Pre to Post Modern

Pre to Post Modern

Shopping is going to take it out of you, so you'll need a place for some yummy nosh.  Here are three of my personal favorites:

  • Fido, in Hillsboro Village, has great coffee, great food, and unbelievable desserts -- all made fresh daily with local, organic ingredients.
  • The Pharmacy, at 731 McFerrin Avenue, is well known for their creative and extra-drippy burgers (slathered with assorted cheeses and bacon and ham and sometimes fried eggs -- yes, fried eggs).
  • And The Grilled Cheeserie food truck, found wherever it happens to be (check their website or mobile tracker to locate 'em on a daily basis), serves slap-yore-granny grilled cheese sandwiches;  seriously, you won't believe how incredible grilled cheese can be -- but be prepared for a long line because all of Nashville knows the best place to get a sandwich and no one minds the wait.  They're that good.

Fido Nashville, veggie burger


The Pharmacy waiting

The Grilled Cheeserie

A good runner up on places to eat would have to be the Elliston Place Soda Shop, right there on Elliston Place.  Their food is good -- staples like burgers and fries, meat 'n threes, and Ruben sandwiches -- but they absolutely rock the the concept of a soda shop: egg creams, milkshakes, floats, malts, and traditional dreamsicles, they've got it all.  And the atmosphere can't be beat.

Elliston Place Soda Shop


Lastly, entertainment.  Nashville has it all, from geek con-fests and music, to hockey and football, to free plays and museums.  They've got a dozen different things to choose from on any given weekend throughout the year.  Some of our favorites include the Nashville Shakespeare Festival every August and September, right there in Centennial Park;  Nashville Dancing, at Riverfront Park, with live music galore;  and the Tomato Arts Festival every August, in the Five Points district (or what I like to call "little Portland").  All of these events are fun for the whole family, so don't miss 'em!

Nashville Shakespeare Festival

Tomato Arts Festival, Nashville TN

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