Honeybees & Blooms -- Family & Lifestyle Photographer, Scottsboro, Alabama

It's a privilege, this "being a professional photographer" thing, being asked to enter into the intimate space of family and loving affection, a welcome stranger to the subtle vulnerabilities and delicate strengths between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.  It's always such a beautiful thing to witness, the nuanced relationships.  The smiles.  The teasing.  The overwhelming, unconditional love.


The Massey family opened their hearts to me in such a special way, inviting me into their home on a warm Sunday afternoon, openly showing me their life's work of flowers and honeybees, raising children -- an adoring daughter and genial son -- a handsome grandson, favorite pets, and marriage.  Fifty beautiful years of marriage.  Such genuine goodness emanating from this family, three generations of men and women bonded by blood and love.

To be completely honest, I didn't want their photography session to end.  As the light waned, Mr. Massey introduced me to his favorite cat, telling me the story of his adoption into their mountaintop home.  Mrs. Massey walked with me through her modern-day garden of Eden, talking about her plants, naming their attributes and growing patterns, eyes sparkling with life and light.  Their honeybees buzzed lazily in the shadow of woods nearest the pond.

Family like this a precious thing -- the only thing, really.