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Rumney Family -- Monte Sano Huntsville AL Lifestyle Family Photographer

The Rumney family chose Monte Sano Mountain, in Huntsville Alabama, for their Spring photo session -- they couldn't have selected a better spot.  The trees were laid wild and bare, with vivid greens just beginning to unfurl in the warmth of the afternoon sun.  It's a beautiful spot for family photographs (and Prom photos too -- there were several beautiful couples there celebrating their end of school year happiness), and I'm so thankful to have shared the place for the duration of our time together.

Photographing this lovely family has officially become one of my favorite things because these children are so precious to me.  The Rumney daughters -- who I affectionately call "George" and "Fred" (much to their delighted protests) -- are the most beautiful little darlings, with their mother's gold-flecked eyes and sweet, sweet smiles.  And Little Brother is the perfect amount of glorious boy and delightful all-out character -- just like his daddy.  They're a great bunch: smart and witty, and just downright beautiful in front of my lens.