Scott Family -- Huntsville Alabama Documentary Lifestyle Photographer

I am always so amazed -- so humbled -- when a family invites me into their holy space.  To watch their bond be woven before me, to see the life in eyes and witness laughter like sparkles on the air.  This is the most beautiful, most magical thing, and I feel so honored to be allowed to capture it for them, forever, through a Magical Mundane session.

I couldn't have been more thrilled to meet the Scott family.  Genuinely warm and relaxed, I could tell right away that their home was one full of love and laughter, filled as it was with games, casual meals together, and music.  Not only are Lee and Lindsey a most beautiful couple, they clearly parent their daughters with extreme love and care.  Even their handsome puppy, Leo, was a welcome delight, loving on his little girls with protective sweetness -- such a gift to be in the midst of.

Would you like to capture your own family's just as they are, that perfect blend of fierce love and gorgeous joy?  I'd love to create for you a photographic time-capsule, something you can enjoy and look back on, in years come, as a warm and happy memory.  Reach out and we'll plan the perfect time together, to make memories that last through generations.