He Makes Beautiful Things -- Huntsville Alabama Photographer

Oftentimes, when I'm behind the lens, I find myself humming this song, "You Make Beautiful Things" by Gungor.  And then I smile.  Because it's true.  The world (as I've once before expounded upon) is full of remarkable, miraculous beauty, dripping like diamonds from every surface, every crevice of the human psyche.  And I'm in awe of it all, most of the time.  In awe of the Creator and the grace given to me in allowing me to live amid all of the beauty. The last few weeks have afforded many opportunities to capture some of these beautiful things, creatures, and souls. Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy.

seashells, Melbourne Beach, Florida

honey bees and their hive

silhouette at dusk

post-storm rainbow and reflection in Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

storm over Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

sky of bubbles

Look closely and you'll see a self portrait.

Center Hill Lake, Tennessee