Modern Elopement, Destination Wedding Photographer - Jan + Matt

I met Jan when she phoned me last Fall to schedule a session with her daughter. Jan lost her husband, Phil, to cancer just a year earlier, and she and her daughter needed a bonding experience to help ease the grief of losing this important man. Having lost my own dad a few years back, I completely understood. I I gave these two ladies my best and produced for them some beautiful portraiture that they both love.

A few months later, Jan told me about her best friend, Matt, a good man who had helped Phil during his illness, had stood by when Phil was laid to rest, and then supported Jan through the horrific grief that followed.  Jan hashed through and Matt was there for her every step of the way.  Before they knew it, they'd fallen in love.  Jan let me know that Matt had proposed to her, and she wanted to know if I would travel with her to Florida to photograph their elopement.

I said "YES!"

For months I kept their wedding a secret from everyone (including mutual friends) before traveling to Cape San Blas, Florida (with my family in tow, under the guise of "it's just summer vacation").  I have never in my life been so touched by a couple saying their vows to each other.  The emotions were so raw and wonderful and overwhelming, the exquisite pain of Jan's and Matt's shared past, sublimely mixed with the overwhelming joy of hope and promise and renewal and life.  They (with their sweet girl, Ruby) stood on that beach, hearts laid bare, creating a new covenant before God, their words mingling with sand and tears, and salty air... and it was perfection.

I am continually humbled to be asked to bear witness to such a miraculous thing as two lives being joined in marriage.  That I get to forever capture and protect these precious moments, turning them into tangible memories, never to be forgotten .... that in itself is a rare, rare gift, to be treasured.

Thank you so much, Jan and Matt, for allowing me to be your wedding photographer.  From my frail human heart to your beating warrior hearts, I speak blessings upon you both and pray for your many happy years together.