Hello there!

I'm Lauren.  I "paint with my camera" and believe in Big Things.  I'm also a wife, mom of three, and Jesus-led storyteller with a passion for illuminating beauty, radical grace, and the gentle art of self-expressive authenticity.

When I was ten years old I wanted more than anything to be a mermaid.  But I also really wanted to be a writer -- a real one, with my name on book covers and a fancy quill pen for autographing title pages.  When I was a little older, I fell in love with the theatre -- its mysterious nooks and crannies and the magic that happens when lights illuminate center stage -- and I decided I'd like to be an actress.  Later still, I took a job in a library, falling in love with the smell of dust in books and the endless possibilities of knowledge, deciding then and there to be a librarian.  In college, I switched gears once again, studying painting and drawing ... and then proceeded to change my major seven times.  Yes, seven times.  Eleven years later, I finally graduated with a dual B.S. in psychology and English with a minor in fine arts.  After marrying and having children, watching with them glorious hours of Disney movies and reading aloud of princesses and frogs and magic wands, I found my way to a camera and finally started putting all of my assorted pieces into place:  a natural bent toward storytelling, ingrained principals of visual art, the gravitational pull toward costuming and drama, the glittered bits and curved pieces of my emotive soul --

And Lauren Bee, Composite Fine Art Photographer and Illustrator, finally emerged from her cocoon.

A passionate gal with vision and a growing appreciation (and acceptance!) of the wondering and wandering artist-heart, I've a zest for life, a love of beauty, and a deep investment in story:  mine, yours, ours.  This insatiable desire to reveal (and revel in!) the holiness of our extraordinary ordinary is both my gift from God and my purpose in our world.  Visualizing the heart-mind relationship, creating intimate portraiture amid the light-suffused miracle of deep, spiritual spaces, and illuminating each magical thread of inter-connectedness, one work of art at a time -- that's what I live for.

This is my world --

This is our world.

Let's explore it together!