Friends & Sisters: a day in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Saturdays (if done properly) are lovely, luscious things, filled as they are with connection, and good food, and the kind of soul rest that is born of deep sighs, belly laughter, and inside jokes. 

American teenagers know how to do this kind of Saturday better than anyone I know.  Too mature to cling to childhood, but as yet still inexperienced and gorgeously and righteously ignorant of adult nonsense, a coven of teenage girls knows more than anyone the value of a proper Saturday, the kind of day that is spent truly together, with headphones and ice cream, and a semblance of external entertainment that is less important than the fellowship of shared ideals and interests.

This is the sort of Saturday that is sacred and worthy of protection -- for the memories induced will be lifelong and lasting, the kind of day the adult self will look back on with wistful remembrance of everything good and holy and desirable.