Scott Family in Magic Kingdom + Glioblastoma Awareness

I enjoy a very special friendship with travel agent Brooke Martin, with Magical Wishes Travel, and her sweet sister Megan, whose beautiful family I photographed last year. So when these two ladies reached out to me and asked if I might be interested in providing photography services for their friends, the Scotts, who had been blessed with their first ever Walt Disney World vacation, I didn’t hesitate with my “yes”.

Disney World Family Photographer_0001.jpg

Ashley and Anthony “Chunk” Scott are a faith-filled power couple, parents of two, and hard-working, all-American Southerners living in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee — and together, they’re battling Glioblastoma.

Last October, Anthony was diagnosed with this most aggressive, rapidly growing, stage IV brain tumor. Nearly six months later, he has undergone multiple life-saving procedures, including radiation, monthly MRIs, near-constant chemotherapy, and (most recently) a heavy regimen of anti-seizure medications.

Surgery isn’t an option.

There is no cure.

Since photographing this amazing family, I’ve had the honor of watching their faith pour out like water, over an absolutely horrific life reality. I’ve watched Ashley draw from reserves of strength I know I wouldn’t have. I’ve watched her fight for “Chunk”, pray for him, and love and admire him with a fierceness beyond human reckoning.

But above it all, suffused through ever fiber of this pain and unimaginable uncertainty is one solid truth: Faith.

“Life. When you think of the word ‘life’. What comes to mind?” writes Ashley. “Life is what’s happening between your birth and death on this earth. It’s [an] everyday thing we do. “Live life”. Living our life has been wonderful. We have/had everything we always needed and wanted and more. But most of all we have God! Living life for God is so much more than living life just for yourself. Believe me it’s more rewarding. Not every day Is going be perfect, but that’s when you pray harder and push the faith. Believing is the answer! There isn’t a second that goes by that I don’t give God all praise for how far He has brought my family.”

I’m continually amazed, watching Ashley be the wife and mother that she is, at how strong she is. She praises God every day for her super-human strength. Her most-often used word, day after day?


Their lives have been completely upended; Ashley has taken a leave from her job to stay home and care for her husband, taking one day at a time while attempting to maintain a sense of normalcy for their precious daughter and son.

If you'd like to reach out and help this family, please, please donate to their Go Fund Me, where every dollar given helps to financially alleviate a very emotionally and physically burdensome time. Large or small, any amount you can offer this family is so very needed and appreciated.

And prayers. This precious family needs as much love and support as they can get.

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