My 2018 Word: Possibility

It's a New Year, and with it comes that familiar sense of fresh purpose, renewed vigor, and revived hope.  It's Spring for the soul, this mid-winter hush, this hard re-set, this dazzlingly blank page full of promise and Possibility.


Possibility.  It's my focus word for 2018.  In 2017 I honed in on Balance;  that was last year's word, and by embracing it, I gave myself permission to step back, reevaluate, and get my feet underneath me.  I'd just made an epic decision to quit traditional photography so I could pursue what was truly in my heart of hearts to do: honest, artistic storytelling.  I gave myself permission to breathe, to explore, to rest, to push and pull and be a human being, not merely a human doing.

I've not fully mastered the art of balance (because life is a process, and growth is a journey), but I do sense it has served me well, and that I am now being given a new opportunity -- with moving to Florida and starting fresh in a new place -- to step out in faith, to branch off onto a fresh and exciting journey.  I see this grand world opening up wide to me.  I see it offering endless Possibility!  


A New Year -- can you feel it??? 

Now, I could be the sort of person to insist on caution and prudence, to allow a sense of cynical demise get the best of me, to slap on my common sense hat and advise against this, that, or the other ...

But let's be honest:  I'm not that sort of person.  I'm a daft and dewey-eyed dope.  I'm more of the "let your dreams soar and your heart beat Life into ya" school of thought.  This New Year stuff gets me excited -- and this 2018 New Year stuff has me excited in ways I've never been excited before.


Because I've made a plan, and I can see just how much I get to learn in 2018!  I can see clearly the growth I'm about to experience!  I can see the Possibility!  I have set goals and charted the course to attain them.  I've made concrete promises to myself, and I've allowed pockets of grace for renewal along the way.  I've determined my priorities and I've joyfully embraced the process between January 1st and December 31st, 2018 -- 365 sunrises and sunsets, with new people to meet, new challenge to embrace, new hopes to be had, new art to be made!


How about you?  What have you determined in your heart to accomplish this year?  What is your possibility?  Please share in a comment below -- I look forward to learning from you!