The Lauren Bee Limited Edition Fine Art Print

I recently read an article about the importance of owning and displaying original art.  It was a really, truly excellent read, one that reminded me of my early years in college where I was a fine arts major.  For those few semesters, I not only learned painting and drawing techniques (and how to make books -- which was actually my favorite class!), but I also took lessons from genuine, real live artists who not only made art, but sold it.  To appreciative people.  People who displayed that art in their actual homes.  Heck, I even bought some art myself, from my favorite instructor who was a wonderful human being and a brilliant artist in her own right.

But I digress.

Art is important, for so many reasons.  When you buy from an artist, you put food on their table (or in my case, money in the bank to save for up-coming college expenses --times three;  yikes!).  But you, the art owner, benefit as well:  you get to spend each day with something you truly appreciate;  your home is made more beautiful;  and you have the keen satisfaction of owning a treasure no one else can claim as their own.  That may sound silly, but believe me when I say how much I enjoy walking by my own modest art collection and admiring the uniqueness and beauty of each piece.

Which is a big part of why I recently returned to my fine art roots.  I know personally how amazing it is to be an art owner and collector ... and I want to offer that same amazing feeling to others.  So I set out on a quest to not just create beautiful artwork, but to make it truly unique for each woman who commissions a piece from me, as well as something gorgeous and high quality and worthy of proud display.

I did my research.  I know craftsmanship and presentation are just as (if not more) important than merely creating something beautiful, and I want my work to be perfection.  "Lauren, you have caviar tastes," says a good friend of mine, and she's right (except I really don't like caviar, ew).  If I can't have and give my clients the best, then it's not worth having or offering.  End of story.

Ultimately I decided to offer limited edition prints, and I decided those prints should be printed on thick, yummy paper, using vibrant, archival quality inks.  Taking a cue from my past as a painter, I chose the process of Giclée, on thick, rich, cotton rag paper, with the added detail of a deckle edge, for that custom, truly original look.

Additionally, I offer framing services -- because having artwork is nice ... but displaying the artwork is a must!  I help my clients choose the best way to preserve and showcase their Lauren Bee Fine Art, selecting a suitable frame and matting, and it I do it with the utmost care -- because your treasure is my baby first, and I want to make sure it's personally delivered to your home with stability and attention to detail.

And what good is a work of fine art if you can't be assured of it's lasting value?  I've taken the necessary steps to ensure that each piece is unique, protected, and a guaranteed original.  Each fine art print is a limited edition and the first of only three to be printed;  my client retains the right to print one additional print (in case of theft, damage, etc.), and I as the artist retain the right to print one additional print.  That's it.  Three possible prints.  Limited edition in the purist sense of the word.

Additionally, the final high-resolution digital negative of each Conceptual Fine Art piece will be stored by yours truly in a locked, virtual vault, for a period of five years after which time the negative will be destroyed.  This extra bit of added security assures the exclusivity of the fine art image, safeguarding against any possible printing by anyone other than myself. 

Lastly, not only is each and every limited edition fine art print personally signed and dated, it is also accompanied by a high quality Certificate of Authenticity, also signed and dated, as well as numbered.  This added bit of quality control simply solidifies the originality and integrity of my artwork.

And that, my friends, is how the Lauren Bee Limited Edition Fine Art Print is crafted!  My standards are very high.  It's the best way I know to love on my clients, giving them the absolute best.  I wouldn't have it any other way.