Getting to Know You (and me)

photos courtesy of  Jenni M Photography

photos courtesy of Jenni M Photography

Hey there, beautiful soul!

( Did you just start singing that Broadway musical tune from The King and I?  "Getting to knooooooow youuuuuu..." .... No?  Just me? )

So I don't know that I've ever properly introduced myself -- and maybe I've never told you what I do behind this camera of mine, nor why I do it!  So it's high time I get on that, don't you think?

I'm Lauren, a Tennessee-turned-Florida girl whose fondest childhood memory is climbing our cherry tree, library book in hand (a giant collection of fairytales), intent on nestling in the perfect little crook of branches, snacking on fresh berries, and diving deep into imaginary worlds. I'm betting you have a similar memory from your own childhood, one that sings to your soul of who you truly were. And if you really think about it:

Maybe neither of us has changed very much since. Not really -- not where it truly matters.

That's why I do what I do: photographing the wild and wonder-filled world of imagination and simple joy that lives inside each of us. I craft our truest selves, those places where creativity and wonder meet our deeper reality. As an award willing visual storyteller and photographic illustrator, I've spent the better part of ten years painting with my camera, merely helping people see what is already there: the magic suffused child within.

Want to return to your deepest roots and connect to that wonderland still hidden inside? I'd love to journey there with you, and show you (again) what a glorious place it is. Reach out, and we'll take that first Next Step together:

Or leave a comment below and tell me that fond childhood memory of yours!  I can't wait to hear it, to go there with you.  Who was that little girl?  What made her soul sing?  What made her heart feel at peace?  Do tell.


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