Reverie Fine Art Composite: The Snow Queen

I met Patti when she requested an outdoor, late summer portrait session, to help her feel beautiful.  It wasn't a difficult photographic endeavor since Patti is already strikingly beautiful -- and not merely her face and tall stature (because she is truly a physically beautiful woman -- we're talking classic Grecian goddess here), but also in her heart, her voice, her manner.  Such a gentle soul, this lady;  warmth, and intelligence, and kindness incarnate, with a soft voice like honey, and sparkling eyes.

Many months later, I naturally had Patti in mind when I embarked upon a fine art series called "The Elemental Seasons".  Not only was she the perfect model for the series, I believed she would be the quintessential embodiment of Winter: the delicacy of freshly fallen snow mingled with fierce, tenacious wind;  the stark contrast of blanketing darkness and soft, white, light; blinding beauty and gorgeous harshness -- not so much a duality of the natural element of ice, but the all-encompassing whole of the season of winter.

My original vision for this piece was of a beautiful woman ushering in this season of rest and quiet, what we've come to know as "hygge", an internal repose deepened by an outside world gone dormant.  But more than this, I needed the image to convey the strength and power of Winter -- nothing fearsome about it, but of it's stark and unyielding presence.  I needed the image to represent a woman not bringing winter, but being winter;  not merely a harbinger of snow, but of the incarnate form of snow and calm and powerful beauty.

Yes, Patti was perfect for this.  Perfect indeed.


Enjoy this speed edit video of the fine art creation process (below):

Edited in Adobe Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CC by Lauren Bee: located in Inverness, FL; serving Orlando, Tampa Bay area, and Central Florida; custom commissions available worldwide

Model: Patti Weldon

Makeup: Brittianna J

Body Art: B.S. artist

SONG: "Houston Vibes", Unicorn Heads

Actions and Overlays: Jessica Drossin

Want to see more of Patti?  She will appear as a pivotal character in my book "The Little Mermaid", a fine art collective and faithful re-telling of the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson.

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