Fall in Florida, Hunnicutt Family Photographer

The Fall is my absolute favorite time of year — and even though the season takes on a whole new meaning down here in far South of Florida, and even though I’m learning the true meaning of “pop up shower”, I find I’m still desperately in love with the light! If anything, the light here is an even more golden, even more magical thing! And when you’re driving to your first scheduled session of the Fall photography season, and you see not one, but a double rainbow guiding your way … well, that just bodes for marvelous things, wouldn’t you say?

Florida Family Lifestyle Photographer_0152.jpg

The Hunnicutt family is, as Mary Poppins would say, “practically perfect in every way”. Dad is a former football player, mom is a Teri Garr lookalike goddess, and their teenaged daughters are absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. Add in their warmth and genuine Southern hospitality, and it was a recipe for a dream-come-true family photo session — but being asked to visit their sprawling farm to photograph these beautiful people, post thunderstorm rainclouds looming gloriously over the lush green Florida field all around us, and … well, this pretty much tipped things well into my version of Photographer Heaven.

Florida Family Lifestyle Photographer_0144.jpg

As a mom myself, of three teenage girls, I find such joy when sisters get along so well and have such genuine affection for each other. I’m sure, like my own girls, they have their moments (I mean really, who doesn’t have their moments??), but I could really tell these ladies aren’t just sisters, but also friends. Their care and kindness toward each other was real and heartwarming.

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What could be better than true sisterly affection?

Why, a really tight mother-daughter bond, of course! All three of these ladies were a class act while being totally down-to-earth. Just being in their presence was a joy — lots of laughter and good-natured teasing. It made my mama heart so happy.

Florida Family Lifestyle Photographer_0148.jpg
Florida Family Lifestyle Photographer_0149.jpg
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Dad was super too. He was totally into the Florida football game that day, but what a good man to join us out on the lawn for some gorgeous natural light photos. He’s clearly got a great relationship with his girls — they so obviously adored him, and as a former Daddy’s Girl myself, this left me smiling from ear to ear.

Even his wife is crazy about him (and he, her). Pro Tip: you always know you’ve found the Right One when he can make you laugh.

Florida Family Lifestyle Photographer_0151.jpg

A truly heart-warming family photo session, I tell ya. It was a great start to the Autumn season, chock full as it will be with more families, more laughter, and more love.

Ahhhh …. I love my job.