Disney World Photographer: The Rivera Family

I LOVE receiving e-mail. It’s the new snail-mail, wouldn’t you say?

But my absolute favorite e-mail to receive is the one where a brand new client reaches out for the first time and wants to know if I have availability for such ‘n such a date. Meeting new people is such a precious gift, a promise for good things ahead, for sweet newness to happen. “Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver, and the other gold.”

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Yolanda reached out to me back in November, wanting a family session and a Reverie fine art portrait (stay tuned for that!). It was over Christmas, so we had to scramble to make it happen, but we made it work —

And how beautifully it worked!

Disney World Family Photographer_0058.jpg
Disney World Family Photographer_0059.jpg

It’s so obvious how devoted a mother Yolanda is to her boys. Ranging in age from 8 to 21, the boys are so, so sweet together as well. They’re a beautifully tight-knit family.

Their trip to Walt Disney World was in celebration of Darius’s 8th birthday — a total surprise for this boy’s first ever trip to the most magical place on earth — and Darius’s 12th Birthday as well. I loved watching Darius explore the park, discovering new things along the way; it reminded me so much of the first time I took my own children to Magic Kingdom, for their 7th birthday (twins). And seeing the Magic Kingdom through Darius’s eyes was every bit as heart-warming.

And y’all check out what a gorgeous mama Ms. Yolanda is! I just loved her adorable floral dress!

Disney World Family Photographer_0065.jpg

It also appeared her husband Dave also thought she was beautiful. I mean, clearly, she is! Such a good-lookin’ couple. it’s no wonder their boys are so handsome.

Walt Disney World is no doubt made for families — and I love that families invite me into this sacred space along with them to capture their unique magic, their love, their bond, their joy. It truly is the most wonderful blessing to be asked to do this for them.

As I hinted above, there’s a special Reverie Fine Art Portrait of this beautiful family, coming to a Lauren Bee LLC blog near you — very soon. So stay tuned. Until then, The Mouse and I wish you a marvelous day!

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