Class of 2019 - Johannah at Green Mountain, Huntsville Alabama

When we were new to Huntsville, Alabama, so was the Freyenhagen Family. We wound up in the same Small Group at church (a total God Thang, as I call it). My husband and I loved Becky and Joel, and their daughters hit it off with our daughters — and the rest is beautiful history: two families intertwined in friendship.

So when Becky told me her daughter Jo wanted me (and only me) to do her Senior portrait session, of course I had to!

Disney World Family Photographer_0046.jpg

[Let us pause for a moment of silent camaraderie for a mother who is going through the panicky throws of “Hold it! My daughter is old enough to graduate High School?!?!”]

Disney World Family Photographer_0044.jpg
Disney World Family Photographer_0043.jpg

I'm so stinkin' proud of Johannah. I've watched her grow up, from early high schooler, to emerging college-bound queen.  She's smart, she's elegant (oh, soooo elegant!), and she's beautiful. Now, she's been accepted into the post-high school educational establishment of her dreams: Hillsdale College in sunny …. erm …. way-up-there Michigan.

[Sorry Becky — I love you! We’re in this together sister-friend!]

I know Jo is over -the-moon excited. She plans to major in economics, and if any girl can ace such intelligent things it’s this girl. She’s been competing in state Speech and Debate for a solid four years, winning multiple tournaments with smart, savvy skill. But she’s kind too, with more than 600 documented service hours in her community, a blazing heart for God, and a smile that will light up any room. She also holds he highest leadership positions in American Heritage Girls and is head coach of speech in Milestones Debate Club and assistant coach in Debate.

And, and, and …. phew! This young lady’s got it all.

Jo, I know for a fact how proud your parents are to call you their own. You’re such an amazing human being, raised by such wonderful people. Heck, I’m stinkin’ proud of you too, sweet girl.

Soar, my young friend. Soar high!