Best Friends Across State Lines

In the Fall of 2008 my husband and I were invited to a homecoming game and parade party at the home of a professor from our university alma mater.  We made the trek from our then-home in Alabama to Tennessee, dragging our three young daughters with us.  

Little did we know then that it was a day for the history books:  the day our twin daughters, Anna and Veronica, met -- and instantly bonded with -- their lifelong best friends, Hannah and Emily.

Ten years later and even more physical distance between them, the four girls are nearly grown -- and they're closer than ever.  When Hannah and Emily visited us this past Spring, spending a week at our new Florida home, of course I had to document their time (and deep love and friendship and fun!) together in photographs.

I look forward to Hannah and Emily returning for a future visit;  they're family at this point.  Until then, I'll enjoy looking fondly back at these photos of four intelligent, kind, and beautiful young women.