Belle in the Magic Kingdom

I'm a bit of a Disney fanatic -- and when I say "fanatic", I mean it in every sense of the word. 

Have I been to Disney World a gazillion times?  Yes, I have. 

Do I know every lyric to every Disney movie song, no matter how obscure said movie and said song may be?  Yes, I do. 

So when a beautiful young mother in the Orlando, Florida area asks me if I might have availability to photograph her equally beautiful daughter -- and would I mind doing so in the Magic Kingdom, and oh by the way her daughter's name is Belle and she wants to do a Beauty and the Beast themed session .... Do I?

Yes, I do.  And I do so with the certain knowledge that my fairy godmother has pulled a few strings in my favor.

"Oh it's no wonder that her name means beauty."

"Oh it's no wonder that her name means beauty."

And coming soon: if these aren't gorgeous enough, be on the lookout for a Reverie image featuring our little princess, chock full of magical details and warm, fuzzy feelings.

Planning a visit soon to our fair kingdom -- the Magic Kingdom?  I'd love more than anything to be involved in the crafting of unique images commemorating an age, a stage, or a magical moment.  Contact me today, and we'll begin a wonder-filled adventure together.