Anatomy of an Artist's Work Space

It's officially Official:  I'm a Floridian.  A real, honest to goodness Florida photographer.

It's still sinking in.  Mostly I drive around, doing my grocery shopping, wearing my new favorite Strawberry Revolution tee, sippin' a hot cuppa while I do a little business planning at my new favorite coffee/tea shop, hittin' up Disney World on the weekends ('cause we're Annual Passholders now) .... and I keep having to remind myself that yes, dreams really do come true.

I'm a Floridian.

With this new reality has come a lot of work:  unpacking boxes, breaking down boxes (whilst conquoring mountains of paper -- m o u n t a i n s ), and setting up hearth and home.  But perhaps the most fun I've had in all is setting up my new photography studio.

I'm a Floridian with a photography studio.

I'm currently in the throws of shopping around for new furnishings to host clients, additional wardrobe for my client closet, backdrops for the walls, and eyeing some off camera lighting options -- but a major component to all of this is the crafting of the all-important editing and work space, a desk and place to call my own, filled with all the things to inspire a gal in the creation of client dreams.

I love it -- and I wanted to share this space with you today!

Florida Photography 5.jpg

Here it is, the Lauren Bee work space.  This is where I do all of my e-mailing clients, editing fine art photography, blogging (like now!), and drinking of copious amounts of coffee. 

I know, I know.  It's not especially "wow factor!" -- but allow me a few moments of your time to point out the finer things in this creative photography life of mine -- like the giant pouf I keep on hand for when one of my teenagers needs to bend my ear, or the furry friend who vigilantly patrols the place.

Florida Photography 3 copy.jpg

Check out that gallery wall of mine!  It has an eclectic collective of all that I love -- pretty things, Disney things, and inspirational things:  a treasured print channelling my favorite animated Disney movie, by artist June Kim of Hediun's Atelier; an adorable yellow submarine that I snagged in an Alabama thrift store for a dollar;  a lovely beaded cross which keeps a girl like me humble and kind, reminding me who and Whose I am;  a fun, custom piece by painter Kate Kennamer;  an adorable green "luck dragon", purchased in Epcot Japan;  a painting I just fell in love with, by artist-poet Cherie Burbach;  and a deeply treasured piece by my favorite fine arts college professor, Sally Crain-Jager, now deceased but whose grace and encouraging teaching I will never forget.

Florida Photography 4.jpg
Florida Photographer 1.jpg

I keep near me a painted block by a sweet friend of mine, always reminding me to do what "makes my soul shine"; cute l'il bumble bee thumbtacks by Sarah Crooks, for keeping printed documents within arms reach; and swanky honeycomb felt boards for showcasing said printable and thumbtacks.

Florida Photographer 2.jpg

Lastly, my favorite coffee mug, Haunted Mansion themed and treasured find from a previous trip to the Disney Parks.  And let's not forget my adorable studio gnomes -- who have Galic names, of course (L to R): Raibert, Fergus, Pip (grey cap), Alban, and Dougal, handmade by the fabulous Still Stitchin' (who can also be found here).

I work here.  But since I'm being honest, this work of mine is more like play.  I just love my job, and I love surrounding myself with little bits of magic and whimsy -- keeps my soul alive and makes my passion in life all the more enjoyable.

Do you think I'm missing anything?  I'd love to hear your suggestions for studio additions in a comment below!