Magical Disney World Wedding -- Huntsville Alabama Photographer

I've done a few weddings, and they're exciting, all that romance, the energy -- but weddings are a special kind of beast;  they require something Extra of a photographer, an element of patience and lightning quick brainpower not available to the average person.  I admit it:  I'm much happier away from the crowds and on-session with families, beautiful mothers, women, Seniors, giggling children -- intimate settings where shoulders are relaxed and laugher falls freely from smiling lips. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't go to a wedding if invited, especially if that wedding happened to be in the happiest place on earth -- and most especially if that wedding happened to be my cousin's wedding.

Disney World Hidden Mickey


I actually hadn't seen my cousin, Jai (who is an amazing artist!), in about six years.  Both only-children of siblings (my dad and his mom), that was back during Christmas of 2007, I believe.  I actually met his then-girlfriend (now wife!) Julie, at that time -- and liked her immediately.  But Jai and Julie live in New York and I live in Alabama, so the distance has always played a factor in our relationship over the years.  It stinks, actually, but I digress...

I've always loved this boy;  I've felt every bit the part of older sister to him over the years, but I didn't really acknowledge how much I'd truly missed Jai until entering the Grand Floridian and rounding the corner, seeing him sitting there as the final ends of the wedding rehearsal were being tied up.  I admit, I teared up a bit, watching him there beside his bride, all grown up and every bit the polished young man I always knew he'd be someday.

Disney World wedding rehearsal

But enough of that sappy stuff -- let's get down to the reason we were there in Disney World:  a magical wedding fit for kings and queens, princes and princesses!


Nope, that's not the couple's wedding photographer.  That's Jai's other cousin (incidentally, also an only child), who flew in with his mother all the way from India.

Disney World Magic Band

Disney wedding photographer


As the wedding party filed in, excitement was building, building, building ...

Disney World Wedding Grand Floridian

Jai Kamat sees bride for first time

And then the groom got the first look of his bride!  (Yes, he's very expressive -- it's kind of a family trait...) view2

Jai and Julie said their vows at the Grand Floridian Wedding Chapel.  It was a stunner of a ceremony -- handsome groom, gorgeous bride.

Disney World Wedding Grand Floridian

And then?  Why, we headed over to Citrico's to enjoy to-die-for food and dancing, of course!

Vinylmation wedding

The reception had a Vinylmation theme, and every guest got to take home their very own Vinylmation.

berry shots

Disney World Citricos wedding cake

Disney World wedding food

wedding reception dancing




I had a wonderful time.  Jai's and Julie's wedding was one of the best days of my life.  I got to spend the day with wonderful people, beloved family, and new friends, eating amazing food and laughing until my cheeks hurt.  And I'm just so stinkin' proud of this young man and his new wife.  Congrats Jai and Julie!

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