Reverie Fine Art Composite: Jennifer Rising

I met Jennifer several years ago when she was seeking a professional to photograph a family get together  Luckily, I had availability, and I was graciously invited to spend several hours at her parents' home on Sand Mountain.  Meeting Jennifer and her family was a true gift. Not only was everyone friendly and so obviously caring toward each other, but the location was heavenly: a mountaintop home replete with honeybees, a family pond, and a veritable wonderland of flora and fauna the likes of which haven't been seen since the Garden of Eden.

After our session together, Jennifer and I stayed in touch and became friends (which often happens because, truly, I have the most amazing clients on earth).  Smart and genuine, she's a woman who lives a life of quiet creativity and intuitive passion.  So when Jennifer reached out again, this time for a photo session just for her, I was naturally thrilled -- and not merely to be working with her again, but to be celebrating with her a major Life Win: a significant amount of weight loss, and a total transformation.

Commissioning me to craft for her a one-of-a-kind Lauren Bee Fine Art piece was such an honor, and every aspect of the creative process was pure fun: the time spent planning every detail, meeting over coffee to talk about visual elements and symbolism, choosing wardrobe, and discussing hair and make-up.  Each step leading up to the final work of art was relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable -- for both of us.

I wanted Jennifer to appear as radiant as she truly is, bringing with her beauty and warmth, the concept not merely commemorating her physical transformation, but also that of her soul: newly unfettered, light and free, embarking on a fresh day, a new dawn, a changed way of living life and to the full.  I envisioned a sky wide open to possibilities, distant mountains that had been conquered, a firm foundation of solid rock, cleansing water nearby, and flowers dancing in the sunlight.

 The result was a work of art as extraordinary as Jennifer herself: "Jennifer Rising".


Enjoy this speed edit video of the fine art creation process (below):

Edited in Adobe Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CC by Lauren Bee: located in Inverness, FL; serving Orlando, Tampa Bay area, and Central Florida; custom commissions available worldwide

Model: Jennifer Hill

Makeup: Brittianna J

Styling: Lauren Bee  

Actions and Overlays: Jessica Drossin

Music: "Brightly" by The Boy and Sister Alma

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