Fine art is an investment.

You are an original.  A masterpiece.  The rarity of a work of art is what yields its value. 

Each of my pieces is as unique as the muse who inspires its creation: you.  Your form, your spirit, all you hold dear, encapsulated for a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment.  Whether you're looking for classic portraiture, a fantastical conceptual epic, or rich and imaginative storytelling, your investment in original fine art -- and in yourself -- is worth making.


A classic portraiture experience in natural or studio lighting, celebrating your unique form of beauty.


More than mere portraiture, this single, striking image conceptualizes your deeper reality. 



Perfect for our littlest princes and princesses, full of imagination and magic-suffused wonder. 

Unsure which fine art collection is for you?  Contact me today for a personal consultation.  Custom quotes are also available for combinations of two or more fine art services.


"I was born to catch dragons in their dens
And pick flowers
To tell tales and laugh away the morning
To drift and dream like a lazy stream
And walk barefoot across sunshine days."

- James Kavanaugh