Featured Artist: Cherie Burbach

I spotted the work of this week's featured artist, Cherie Burbach, on a recent perusal of my Instagram feed.  I instantly followed her page, eager to see more of her cheerful, vibrant visual musings, and she did not disappoint.  Each new post was a treat: lovely paper and paint collages featuring whimsical women and positive messages reinforcing the unity of faith and sisterhood. 

I just had to have Cherie join us here at Lauren Bee!

Tell us about yourself.  Who do you share your life with?  What is a typical "day in the life" at home?  Do you have any hobbies or interests worth noting?

I'm married and have a very barky dog that runs our household. A typical day is divided between freelance writing and art. My hobbies are writing and painting, so turning those into paying gigs is a cool thing.

Tell our community about your art.  What do you do?  What is/are the medium/media you use?  What is your artistic process?

I'm a mixed media artist focused on painting mostly, using acrylics, oil sticks, India ink, and gelatos. I like to combine those with ephemera like old book pages, decorative paper, lace, and anything else I can find to create art that has a message. I like to combine my love of words with my love of color to create visual poetry, where the art is full of life and whimsy and the message is filled with hope.

Everyone wants to know:  where do you get your ideas?  What fuels your passion?  Are there other artists who inspire you?

My faith and life have inspired most of my work. I like to find hope and encouragement in the art and writing I enjoy personally, and I use that as a base for what I create. My process usually involves sketching out ideas and then bringing them to life in the studio. I play music that inspires me and spend time thinking about God and faith, and the combination of all that helps me create my paintings.

What are your "credentials"?  Do you have a degree or specialized experience doing what you do?  How did you get your start?

I've been painting and writing since I was a kid. It was something that I always had in my life and that is my only teacher when it comes to art (or writing). I've always used writing and art as a way to figure out life, express myself, and heal.

What makes you excited to "go to work" each day?  What are the specific challenges in your field or expertise?

I'm excited by each new day, truly. Each day is a blessing, and each "small" thing we do is a gift. I am excited to think about art and now that I'm selling it I get excited by talking to people about the kind of art that inspires them.

Who is your ideal client?  What kind of product is this client looking for?  What does she need or want from you?

I've sold art to all kinds of people, but I think my ideal client is someone who feels inspired by my art and who feels it helps connect them with their faith.

Do you incorporate any spiritual practices in your daily life?  What keeps you sane?  Favorite comfort food or hot beverage?  What is your "center"?  What is your higher purpose or calling?

I pray and take time to practice daily gratitude as often as I can. Having a personal relationship with God is the reason I am sane so I value that above all else. Everything I do and everything I am is because of God, so I feel like telling others why He is so important to me is my highest purpose, and art is a part of that.

Can you give us one to three "random facts" or juicy tidbits about yourself?  Have a funny experience to share?

I love Tudor history;  I once won a trip to NY because of an essay I wrote;  and I never miss a Packer game. Funny experience? The first time my husband made me dinner I had to go to the emergency room to have my gall bladder out.

Where can we find your business online?

Find me at my website: www.cherieburbach.com and on Instagram.

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