Featured Artist: Anna Delaney

This week features character and sketch work of a young artist well on her way to greatness,  Ms. Anna Delaney of Anna Delaney Art.

Anna and two of her self-portraits, digital (top right) and hand drawn (bottom right)

Anna and two of her self-portraits, digital (top right) and hand drawn (bottom right)

Tell us about yourself, Anna.  Who do you share your life with?  What is a typical "day in the life" at home?  Do you have any hobbies or interests worth noting?

I share my life with a family of five very interesting people, in addition to two cats. A day in the life of consists generally of me balancing chores, school, piano practice, and drawing! I also have quite the interest in gaming.

Now tell us about your art.  What exactly do you do?  What is/are the medium/media you use?  What is your artistic process?

I draw, generally characters of popular media or my own creation! I more commonly use traditional mediums, such as Copic markers and colored pencil, though I am currently attempting to branch out to the world of digital art, learning Photoshop and how to use my new Intuos Pro tablet.

Everyone wants to know:  where do you get your ideas?  What fuels your passion?  Are there other artists who inspire you?

I get my ideas from many places, often from my own head or music I listen to. I am also inspired by so many artists, some of which I am happy to call my own friends! My passion is fueled by the fact that I enjoy seeing the outcomes of my work through continual improvement and hard work. It also took me several months of learning to actually love where I am now in my own creative abilities, not comparing myself to other artists but instead finding inspiration in my own and others work.

What are your "credentials"?  Do you have a degree or specialized experience doing what you do?  How did you get your start?

I have no credentials or degree of any sort, just a sketchbook and a pencil! I have as many years of experience in my field as I do in my own life, because I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I only started applying myself sometime last year, when I took an art class at school. Since then I have probably spent more time drawing than anything else.

What makes you excited to "go to work" each day?  What are the specific challenges in your field or expertise?

I am always excited to see what else I can create each day! I find myself specifically challenged by my inner critic. Everything I create is subject to my own rather merciless criticism.

Who is your ideal client?  What kind of product is this client looking for?  What does she need or want from you?

I can't say I think of myself as a "business", but my ideal clients are those who are artists! I love creating for those who enjoy creation themselves.
rough sketch (left) and the finished digital image (right)

rough sketch (left) and the finished digital image (right)

Do you incorporate any spiritual practices in your daily life?  What is your "center"?  What is your higher purpose or calling?

I am a Christian and find through my art I can praise God and his creation. The artistic community is vast, and I feel my calling is to reach out and build others up, finding a community in other Christians and nonbelievers through our common interest. Even if I never meet some of the people I support, I hope to be able to reach out with inspiration and love anyway. Just as I am inspired by others, I wish to inspire as well. God created us first and I feel called to create in his name as well!

Can you give us one to three "random facts" or juicy tidbits about yourself?

Three random facts about me: I am an identical twin;  my MBTI type is INTJ;  and one of my favorite foods is sushi!

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Instagram @annadelaneyart, where I post almost daily, and at least weekly of my various artistic shenanigans!
Anna's original character ("OC") Nikita

Anna's original character ("OC") Nikita

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